Pot activist Marc Emery gets fine after guilty plea on trafficking charge

MONTREAL — The self-styled Prince of Pot has pleaded guilty to trafficking cannabis and will pay a $5,000 fine.

The charge against Marc Emery stemmed from the opening of Cannabis Culture boutiques in Montreal in December 2016.

Two other charges of possession and conspiracy were dropped.

The prosecution says it’s an appropriate sentence that was negotiated over months.

The shops were only open for a few hours before police shut them down.

Emery tweeted earlier Wednesday he would plead guilty and pay a fine.

In a brief exchange later with reporters at the Montreal courthouse, he criticized Quebec’s plan to sell pots in government-run stores.

The federal Liberal government plans to allow legal recreational cannabis by late summer, but the manner of selling of it is left up to the individual provinces.

Pot dispensaries are illegal under current federal legislation unless they have a licence from Health Canada to sell it for medical purposes.

The Canadian Press

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