Pro-Marijuana Johnson Looks to Become Independent Swing Vote

Pro-Marijuana Libertarian Gary Johnson Looks to Become Independent Swing Vote

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The Latest on Gary Johnson running for U.S. Senate in New Mexico (all times local):

Former Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson says he’s jumping into a U.S. Senate race in New Mexico because he wants to hold the nation’s “most powerful Senate seat” to provide an independent swing vote.

The Libertarian Party icon and former New Mexico governor said Thursday that he’s disturbed by President Donald Trump‘s actions on immigration and free trade.

Johnson says he still supports cutting military spending but believes more military assets should be moved to New Mexico.

A Long Time Supporter

Elected and re-elected governor as a Republican, Johnson stayed true to a small-government philosophy and openly advocated for legalized marijuana in the 1990s before such a stance was mainstream.

His open advocacy for legalized marijuana broke mainstream 1990s political taboos and made him a national curiosity.

It is an open question on whether Johnson’s success would aid in bringing about federal marijuana legalization in the United States.

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