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Massive Marijuana Production Facility Would be Largest in British Columbia

Massive Marijuana Production Facility Would be Largest in British Columbia

British Columbia is the leader in marijuana in Canada

A Penticton winery owner who founded a medical marijuana company says he plans to open the largest medical cannabis production facility in B.C.

A winery owner has proposed to open a massive cannabis production facility. It will be located in British Columbia near Oliver on Osoyoos Indian Band land. Popular Grove Winery owner Tony Holler founded Sunniva Inc. four years ago as he saw a business opportunity in the burgeoning cannabis industry. Therefore, it seemed like the next business move.

“It’s a high growth industry, it’s an exciting industry, and it’s an industry of the future,” Holler said on Tuesday.”

For that reason, eHoller said the 700,000-square-foot purpose-built greenhouse facilities will use state-of-the-art Dutch technologies.

Sunniva Canada Campus in British Columbia

The Sunniva Canada Campus is expected to produce 125,000 kg of premium medical cannabis a year. In addition, they are expected to produce over 35,000 kg of trim used for extraction. And if all goes as planned, it will be located on a 39-acre parcel of land in the industrial park north of Oliver.

The $100-million facility will be constructed in two phases and 200 jobs could be created. Odor mitigation will help to prevent the smell of cannabis from spreading beyond the facility. Finally, it will include high-level security and protection.

“It involves cameras, physical security, security guards, all of those sorts of things,” he said.

Sunniva Medical Inc., a subsidiary of Sunniva Inc., has a application in process for a medical cannabis production license.

The Process for Sunniva Medical

sunniva - Massive Marijuana Production Facility Would be Largest in British Columbia
A similar cannabis production facility is currently being built in California, as pictured above. via Global News

Nevertheless, the facility needs to become a licensed producer under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations in Canada. Also, the company says its received correspondence from Health Canada indicating that its application is in the final review. However, building the facility will be the final part of that approval process and finalizing the lease agreement.

Unfortunately, no one from the Osoyoos Indian Band was available to comment on Tuesday. But, Tony Holler said the timing is right with federal legislation set to regulate marijuana in July 2018.

“We imagine what will happen is that medical patients will go directly to a doctor and get a recommendation for cannabis. That recommendation goes to a licensed producer like Sunniva,” he said.

Nevertheless, Holler said construction could begin as early as March with production ramping up early next year.

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