Hundreds Protest in Toronto Against Ontario’s Draconian Marijuana Legalization

Hundreds of Torontonians protested Saturday against the upcoming bill governing legalization of marijuana, which would spell much tougher laws and curb cannabis freedoms.

Jodie Emery, one of Canada’s leading activists on marijuana, told protesters that the Liberal-led government said: “They are going to legalize, but it is not legalizing for us, patients and the [cannabis] culture.”

The Cannabis Act will bring 45 new criminal offenses, Emery warned. The bill will force violators to face grave tribulations with the law.

The legalization is to “force us to buy [cannabis] it from [government] them, so they can use the money to press us, that’s not the legalization we voted for.”

She added: “Especially here in Ontario, you have the worst models.”

Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) will be the main retail shop people will be able – legally – to buy marijuana from, almost eradicating decades-long culture and expertise brought by dispensaries in the province.

She lambasted the upcoming government “monopoly” over cannabis. “That’s worth protesting,” she added, telling people to make their voices heard as the provincial Ontario elections are coming up on June 7.

In March, the Conservative’s candidate for the premiership in Ontario Doug Ford promised voters to create a free market for marijuana.

The protest marked the 20th annual Global Marijuana March in Toronto, which coincided with the Rise Up Ontario Rally, hosted by the activist group Sensible Ontario.