Public cannabis consumption will no longer be prohibited in Calgary

Public cannabis consumption will be allowed in Calgary on Oct. 17.

Calgary’s Cannabis Consumption bylaw has been amended to allow public cannabis consumption in designated areas in the city.

The bylaw was altered on Monday at the city council. The council approved a procedure for allowing and verifying designated areas consumption of cannabis in public.

Consumption will also be allowed at festivals and similar events. These areas will be exempt from the bylaw and will be chosen by Ward councilors and residents.

In addition, they will be assigned during a public hearing.

The amendment will take effect on Oct. when recreational cannabis becomes legal.

Councilor Evan Woolley is not supportive of the changes to the bylaw (Image via InsideTheGames)


Not all the councilors were in favor of the changes made.

Ward 8 councilor, Evan Woolley is not supportive of the new procedure.

“I’m not interested in having a pot park in my neighborhood. I thought the model of just allowing people to consume marijuana across the city whether it’s on sidewalks or in parks or whatever would diffuse any potential problem we would have in consolidating any behavior.”

He believes it will be red tape process.

“This was a solution in search of a problem. I think we’ve created an incredibly red tape-heavy process for people to open up sites. I can tell you right now that I will not support individual sites being opened in any of my neighbourhoods.”

The promoters of the events must apply to the City of Calgary Interdepartmental Events team for approval.

The team consists of members from different divisions. Applicants must meet the requirements to gain approval.

A separate area in a defined space must be provided, which should be fenced-off, open-air and monitored.

It must be away from the general event area. The provincial regulations must be followed. Therefore, smoking or vaping in enclosed spaces is not permitted.

Tobacco smoking and vaping must be done in the cannabis consumption sites.