Puff Puff Post Wants You. Become A Writer Today!

IMG 1513 - Puff Puff Post Wants You. Become A Writer Today!


What would excite you as a writer? Are you driven by the political news? Do you have a passion for the cannabis industry? Do you want to educate others through your writing?

We get it. Life as a freelance writer can be tough. You spend late nights brainstorming new content and dedicate countless hours to writing engaging stories. It’s hard to enough to choose the right topic and it’s even harder to get your writing the attention it deserves.

As a writer, the power of your personal brand depends on the number of networks you create. The more eyes looking through your content, the better. At Puff Puff Post, we understand the struggle. And we want to help you create a name for yourself in the industry. 

The Puff Puff Post is an online news site focused on all things cannabis. We deliver timely facts and stories from around the world. And now we are looking for talented and passionate writers to help grow our online presence and bring fresh styles to the site. 

With cannabis legalization moving forward around the globe, this is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an emerging and fast-moving industry. Write about things that you care about most. We have four categories you can submit to: NEWS, BUSINESS, HEALTH, and STRAINS.

So if you spend late nights brainstorming new content or find yourself creating new stories? You can take advantage of submitting content for Puff Puff Post:

  • With thousands of active users on our site, your content has the chance to go viral
  • Claim authorship to your work and link to your personal blog
  • Potential for profit-sharing models for well-performing posts
  • Become part of our awesome writing team
  • Have support in building your writing quality, editing, and brand
  • Get involved in an emerging and fast-moving industry

The best way to get noticed is to put yourself out there. And now’s your chance! 

Click HERE to submit content to Puff Puff Post and get your writing the attention it deserves!