Quebec passes long-awaited cannabis law as main Opposition parties vote against

QUEBEC — The Quebec government has adopted its long-awaited cannabis law.

Bill 157 establishes a framework for producing, selling and consuming marijuana in the province and comes as Ottawa is expected to legalize recreational cannabis by the end of the summer.

Today’s final vote was 61-46, with the governing Liberals and Quebec solidaire supporting the bill and the Parti Quebecois and Coalition Avenir Quebec rejecting it.

Public Health Minister Lucie Charlebois told reporters she was disappointed the PQ in particular decided to play politics on a matter of public health — particularly one affecting young people.

The Coalition has long been opposed to the legal age being set at 18 instead of 21 and has slammed the government for allowing municipalities to individually set rules on where marijuana can be consumed.

For its part, the PQ said it ultimately didn’t support the bill because it wanted to see marijuana banned in public places as well as to have Quebec, and not Ottawa, control the production of cannabis.

The Canadian Press

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