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QuickFacts on British Columbia’s Recreational Marijuana Legislation

QuickFacts on British Columbia’s Recreational Marijuana Legislation

The Canadian Press
Crowds try to catch free marijuana joints being given out at the Vancouver Art Gallery during the annual 4/20 day, which promotes the use of marijuana, in Vancouver, British Columbia April 20, 2013. (File image via Reuters)

VICTORIA — Some highlights of the B.C. government’s proposed recreational cannabis laws:

— The possession limit for an individual is 30 grams of dried cannabis or its equivalent and buyers must be 19 or older.

— Personal growth of cannabis plants will be limited to four per household and they may not be visible to the public spaces outside a property.

— Consumption is not permitted on school property; on health board property, except in designated smoking areas; near skating rinks, sports fields, playgrounds, skate parks, spray pools, wading pools or parks.

— Indoor smoking and vaping is not allowed in fully or partially enclosed workplaces, public places or common areas within a residential building.

— A person must not consume cannabis in a vehicle or boat, regardless of whether it’s in motion.

— Smoking or vaping cannabis will not be allowed near bus or train stops, taxi stands or ferry docks.

— Anyone intoxicated from cannabis must avoid public places and someone who is intoxicated from alcohol or the drug will not be able to buy marijuana.

— A person found selling or producing cannabis illegally may face a monetary penalty equal to two times its retail value.

— Fines  range from $2,000 to $100,000, or jail time of three to 12 months, for various offences.

— There will be a 90-day driving prohibition on drivers found under the influence of drugs, and there will be a ban on new drivers in the graduated licensing program found with any THC in their systems.

— Local governments will determine whether cannabis sales are permitted in their municipalities and whether that happens through private and/or government-run stores.

— Government-run pot shops will operate under the B.C. Cannabis Store banner and the first is expected to open at the end of the summer.

— Private operators must pass background checks and links to organized crime will not be tolerated.

The Canadian Press

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