Pro-Pot Ironworker Could Be a Strong Candidate Against U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan

Randy Bryce, an ironworker, could possibly be a stronger contender against U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is one of the highest-ranking Republicans and considered to be one of the anti-marijuana hardliners in the U.S. government.

Bryce from the state of Wisconsin, where marijuana is still illegal except for CBD oil, recently expressed his full support for the legalization of marijuana in a tweet.

Randy Bryce with Bernie Sanders. (Image via Journal Times)

Ryan, also from Wisconsin, had long been on the winning side. But this upcoming election, many competing candidates including Bryce are using the marijuana card as a winning token to beat the strong Republican.

The U.S. Congressional elections will be held on Nov. 6.

However, observers say Ryan, who represented his current district for 10 terms, has finally met a worthy opponent in Bryce.

The ironworker, who is fighting for blue-collar votes, has reaped $4.5 million for his campaign already, and November is still a long way to go.

Using a Twitter handle “@IronStache,” Bryce recently tweeted about cannabis legalization, highlighting the ills of the failed War on Drugs especially over the disproportionate arrests of people of color or minorities in the United States.

In his tweet, Bryce explained that marijuana amnesty is needed.

Observers also see Ryan as increasingly ingratiating himself with President Donald Trump, with some U.S. news media calling him as the U.S. leader’s “most craven and crucial lapdog.”

Trump and Ryan. (File image via AP)