RCMP to sell 15 dogs trained to sniff marijuana to other countries

Sniffer dogs are definitely one group that is not fond of the upcoming legalization of marijuana here in Canada.

About 15 of these dogs, belonging to the RCMP’s road safety team, will find themselves jobless at home.

Luckily for them, these dogs, who are fully trained to sniff marijuana, will be sold to other police agencies around the world or in countries where cannabis is still illegal.

“These dogs often work on the roads and when they smell drugs we have to search the vehicle,” RCMP Senior Police Dog Training Officer Sergeant Gary Creed said.

“After legalization, an arrest made in this way could be called into question, so we have to change the dogs.”

The idea is definitely creative and far more progressive than what has been warned in Illinois earlier this month when a training director said legalizing marijuana in the U.S. state will require a police academy there to euthanize about 275 dogs.

Meanwhile, new dogs for the Canadian federal police will start their training before the summer and should be ready by January.

So far, the RCMP has 140 dogs who will continue to detect cannabis as the black market is not expected to vanish and will continue to be targeted.