Recreational marijuana retail store opens in Alaska city

KODIAK, Alaska — An Alaska city’s first recreational marijuana retail store has opened for business, a report said.

High Rise in Kodiak held a ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday before it began selling marijuana products and accessories, The Kodiak Daily Mirror reported Monday.

Alaskans voted to legalize recreational marijuana use in 2014.

Owner Jack Schactler says High Rise had 411 customers on opening day.

The store will sell to customers over the age of 21, certifying customer IDs by machine, with expected opening hours of 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week.

High Rise has four full-time employees who spent much of the previous week fulfilling the commercial marijuana industry’s requirements to track all products back to their source.

Schactler says the store offers pre-rolled joints, as well as cannabis, concentrates that can be smoked through a pipe and bulk marijuana weighed to order.

“So you can come in and say ‘I want two grams of this, two grams of this, two grams of this,’ and we can fulfil that,” Schactler said.

The store will also sell merchandise such as vaporizers and glass pipes.

The Kodiak City Council voted last year to ban the sale of edible products, but Schactler is optimistic the regulation could eventually be lifted.

“We got a lot of CBD products too,” he said, listing “bath bombs, rubs, tinctures” and hemp energy drinks among the offerings.

Kodiak Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Sarah Phillips said she was pleased to attend the opening of a new business which “there’s obviously a lot of demand for.”


Information from: Kodiak (Alaska) Daily Mirror,

The Associated Press