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Research Finds 10% of Alcoholics Benefit from Smoking Marijuana

Research Finds 10% of Alcoholics Benefit from Smoking Marijuana

Dina Al-Shibeeb
A drunk man slumped in a doorway in Tomsk, Siberia. (File photo via Reuters)

A peer-reviewed paper has shown that alcoholics could benefit from smoking marijuana. 

The research published in the journal Liver International looked at inpatient discharge data for 320,000 adult patients with a history of alcohol abuse.

They found that 10 percent of alcoholics, who also smoke marijuana, exhibit a lower rate of liver disease of any kind.

There is also a difference between habitual marijuana users versus those who are occasional smokers, where the former group exhibited an even lower incidence of liver disease than the latter.

Marijuana and Alcohol Link Still ‘Unclear’

While the study emphasized how “cannabis has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties,” the study still said that the combined use of alcohol and the development of liver disease remains unclear.

It also said “a significant number of individuals who abuse alcohol also use Cannabis” amid “increased legalization globally.”

“Our findings suggest that cannabis use is associated with reduced incidence of liver disease in alcoholics,” the study concluded.

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