US Former NFL Football Star Ricky Williams Starts His Own Cannabis Wellness Brand

The former NFL American Player Ricky Williams has started his own wellness cannabis business, US media reported on Tuesday.

Williams, who won a Heisman Trophy at Texas before spending more than a decade in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints, said he opened his “Real Wellness by Ricky Williams” business after years of educating himself.

“In the last 14 years, I have been educating myself and training as a health care practitioner,” the San Diego native told The Sun-Sentinel on Monday.

Ricky Williams is seen attending his marijuana crop. (Screengrab via his business website)

Since leaving the league, Williams, 40, has studied herbalism and the effects of cannabis. On his company’s website, the player said he has recently pursued a doctoral degree in Chinese medicine.

It comes as no surprise over why Williams has opted out for this route. The former professional football player was suspended multiple times during his NFL career for marijuana use.

Williams told Fox5 San Diego that he used to take marijuana to aid him in both emotional and physical pain.

The suspensions, nevertheless, did not deter him. He often reiterated the benefits gleaned from marijuana.

“It’s easier on your liver,” he told USA TODAY Sports in 2014.

“It doesn’t cut your awareness off from your body, the way most pain medications do. It actually increases awareness of your body. So for instance when I played and I smoked, my body would relax and I’d go in the room and stretch a little bit and do some yoga. And relaxing would help my body recover faster.”