While the cannabis industry has seen significant changes in the past few years, reliable, ethical, organic cannabis producers are hard to find. One company has taken aim at the future by planning to grow organic cannabis.

With a 125,000 square foot facility, and all the needed certificates to start producing, they are soon to become the second publicly traded, certified organic cannabis company. And that company is called Rubicon Organics. Click Here Now to Download the Investor Deck.


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Rubicon’s vision for the future includes three important factors; they emphasize producing high-quality products with low-quality costs, to cooperate with reliable premium retail brands and premium CPG brands, and achieving multi-jurisdictional distribution.

As a certified organic producer, they offer the market a product that is in an ever growing demand at the moment. This is reflected by studies which show that most people prefer organic cannabis over industrially produced cannabis.


cvdop limbocker 477373 unsplash 300x200 - Rubicon Organics: The Next Industry Leader in Certified Organic Cannabis Production


Rubicon Organics’ financial aspect is also in good shape. With 42.6 million Canadian dollars currently gathered in funds from over 300 shareholders, and a goal to be publicly listed in the Canadian market in the third quarter of 2018, the near-future looks promising for the company.

Additionally, the company is seeking to expand their offerings to European countries that are seeking organic cannabis for medical marijuana products, like Germany. Therefore, with the recreational market soon opening up in Canada, the future is going to be bright and clear for Rubicon Organics.

Click Here Now to Download the Investor Deck.

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