San Diego’s ‘Cannabus’ is Boosting Marijuana Tourism

Take a ride on the “Cannabus,” San Diego’s premier marijuana tourism attraction.

Most simply put, the “cannabus” is a vehicle with tinted windows and seating for thirty people to drink beer and smoke marijuana. They get to sit back, relax, and get stoned.

“I like it. It’s niiiice.”

said one passenger in San Diego. Different types of marijuana are passed around on the bus, including the highly potent mix called “Jah Goo.” One young woman who smoked “Jah Goo” stated, “I’m really stoned.”

West Coast Cannabis Tours arranged for many customers from different states to go on “Buds and Brews Tours.” The trip includes some of the San Diego breweries and an interesting marijuana dispensary.

Jill Mayor from Ohio shopping for cannabis via

Jill and Adam Mayor were amongst the first group to test out the experience,

“You cannot do this in Ohio.”

Mayor made this statement during her inhalation of marijuana from a miniature glass pipe while shaking her head. The Mayors are from Columbus, Ohio.

Allan reiterated her comment by saying that “back in Columbus if you want weed, you have to go to the other room to make the phone call.” San Diego contrastingly does not have this prohibition. Recreational marijuana became legal for retail on January 1st under state law. However, it is still illegal under federal law.

Impressively, San Diego, California was one of the first city’s to be legal. It was hoping to take advantage of the possible income influx from taxes and tourism. The “cannabus” has some of the city’s recreational tourists riding high.

A tour onboard the Cannabus via Denver 420 Vacations

Many different retailers benefit from the “Cannabus”

Interestingly, a Massage studio, Travelling Hands, is progressing because of marijuana legalization. Travelling Hands utilizes cannabis oil during their massages. The owner, Zac Smith, stated that he believes legalization legitimizes it and it does open people’s minds up a little bit.

“they were worried about getting in trouble for consuming or participating in anything cannabis related”

Smith says. The Cannabus tour begins at Ballast Point Brewing. Troy Havins, the tasting room manager, has decided to capitalize on the beer and weed competitions. The owners of Ballast Point Brewing is a large investor in Canopy Growth in Smiths Fall, Ontario.

Mankind Cooperative is the next stop for the “Cannabus.” Many tourists find cannabis flower names very intriguing. These are names like Afghanimal, Face on Fire, and Chem Jong Ill.

The effects of the legislation regarding marijuana

Founder of West Coast Cannabis Tours, Todd Green, says that the marijuana industry is full of legal grey areas. He stated that the current government administration is adding to the pain. Green states,

“One week they’ll say something, the next week the hype is gone,”

In San Diego, FBI raids are still a possibility. The other concern lies in the fact that marijuana is still illegal under federal law, which makes most banks and financial institutions skeptical in serving cannabis businesses.

“The problem is you have a whole lot of cash.”

It makes us prime attractions for thieves, stated Cathy Bliss from Mankind Cooperative. Many California Democrats have presented a bill to the House of Representatives pushing for marijuana to be legalized countrywide.