ITW:S1E1 – Sarah Hanlon – Big Brother Canada

Sarah Hanlon, Big Brother 3 Canada Winner Talks Cannabis

This Monday marked the release of the first episode of the Into the Weeds Podcast. Hosts Ben Rispin and Bubba Nicholson sit down with celebrity guests and discuss their history, opinions, and stories with cannabis. This week’s seminal episode featured Big Brother 3 Canada winner, Sarah Hanlon.

Before she was a reality tv star, Sarah was just a small town Canadian girl who loved cannabis. Sarah sat down on Into the Weeds and talked about how the plant has impacted her life.

Sarah Hanlon has a familiar story with her introduction to marijuana. Like many Canadian youths, the Big Brother 3 Canada winner began using the plant in high school. Born in Brampton, Ontario, she moved out to a rural suburb of Calgary when she was 14. At the time, Sarah Hanlon was shocked at how remote and secluded she believed though the place was. She even has fond memories of tumbleweed rolling by.

Now the Big Brother 3 Canada star says she craves the kind of solitude that driving out into a field with a pickup truck provides. At the time though she saw it differently.

Into the weeds Sarah

Her first time smoking weed was with her current partner Scott. According to Sarah Hanlon, the two went to different high schools and were seen as the rebellious kids among their peers. Apparently, cannabis use wasn’t as common as it is now in Calgary, and thus it became something of a bonding experience for the two.

The Big Brother 3 Canada winner has fond memories, like many young Canadians, of sneaking off into forests and creeks to smoke with her partner and their friend’s group. She describes what happened next as the blending in process.

This largely consisted of attempting to fit in and act normal while high in school after diverging from her friend’s group. This was an even greater challenge in a world that didn’t understand cannabis use and wasn’t ready for it just yet.

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Sarah’s First Time Smoking Weed

Into the Weeds episode 1

Sarah Hanlon says that her first time smoking weed was actually not her first experience smoking psychoactive plants. The Big Brother 3 Canada winner experimented with salvia before she used cannabis. Salvia was completely legal in Canada and could be bought just about anywhere. A fact which I personally discovered in high school… Thank you failed high school drug education.

Salvia is a bizarre, psychedelic-like drug that produces some strange, terrifying hallucinations. Sarah Hanlon was thus apprehensive about her first time trying weed thinking that cannabis would resemble Salvia in its effects. Sarah stated that she thought she would melt into the floor… or perhaps turn into a burning pineapple.

Like many experiences of first-time users, the effects didn’t kick in immediately, and the delay calmed her down. It wasn’t until later that night when she ordered Dominos and sat down to watch some trippy movies that the Big Brother 3 Canada winner began to feel the effect of the cannabis.

The next day she and her partner Scott smoked up together and ever since cannabis has been something they were able to share together. Sarah Hanlon says that while she and Scott drank, they didn’t love alcohol as much as others necessarily. Thus for them, cannabis was a nice additive to parties and getting high became a pleasant alternative to getting bombed. Although she confessed to still enjoying a pack of cold shots.

The two would attend different highschool parties and Sarah Hanlon has memories of getting Scott to bail on parties and vice versa, so they could get high together.

University Days

Sarah, now 30, has fond memories of her days at the University of Calgary. Here she met many new friends and was able to bond with them over intellectual pursuits. She had a fascination with social experiments and reality TV and was able to channel this through her studies.

The Big Brother 3 Canada winner bonded with many friends over their passion for human rights. Universities are often places where new ideas are born, and students are able to ponder over the world’s problems. At the time Sarah Hanlon learned more about sexism, racism, homophobia, the stigma around mental illness and other prejudices within society.

Sarah was able to draw many parallels between these forms of prejuduce and cannabis. Cannabis users have long been the victim of shaming campaigns, and dangerous propaganda. At times, these campaigns have had a peculiarly, racist and clasist flavour to them.

However, while the Big Brother 3 Canada star was making these connections, she was unable to be as open as she would have liked about her experiences with cannabis. Her reasons for this were twofold. At the time universities may not have been as open to marijuana use as they are today, thus she feared the judgement and stigmatization of her peers. She feared that she would not be respected as an intellectual if she was known to smoke cannabis.

Now, times have changed, and many of the world’s foremost intellectuals are advocates of cannabis. Sarah believes that the second reason for her apprehension might have been her own personal reservations and insecurities. Although looking back, she wishes that she could have been more open about her cannabis use and bonded over it with her University friends.

Her Medical Use Of Cannabis

The Big Brother 3 Canada winner was open about her medical use of cannabis on the Into the Weeds Podcast. Like many other people, Sarah Hanlon discovered that cannabis helped her before any scientific consensus was out on the plant. She was keen to note that learning the language after the fact doesn’t make the plant’s medicinal effects any less true. Host Bubba Nicholson said he had a similar experience treating his anxiety with cannabis.

Sarah uses cannabis for digestive problems. She says that the plant helps to stimulate her appetite and improve her digestion as well.

For more stories of celebrities who love cannabis, check out the Into the Weeds Podcast, for the most compelling tales about cannabis. If you want to hear more bout Sarah Hanlon. check out the rest of her podcast with hosts Ben Rispin and Bubba Nicholson.

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