Saskatchewan says marijuana seeds will be available in 51 authorized retailers

Saskatchewan says marijuana seeds will be sold in 51 authorized retailers.

Saskatchewan is giving a permit for authorized retailers to sell marijuana seeds as each Canadian household – federally – is allowed to grow up to four plants.

In Saskatchewan, marijuana seeds can be purchased from any of the 51 authorized retailers across the province, either in person or potentially online, CTV News reported on Wednesday.

“It will be up to those businesses to decide what sort of cannabis products they want to sell,” said David Morris with the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority.

He added:

“They can sell dried cannabis, they can sell seeds, they can sell plants, they can sell oils.”

However, purchasing online from other provinces will be illegal, the government says to spur local demand in Saskatchewan.

Also, costs of seeds or plants won’t be regulated.

Meanwhile, Allen Kilback, one of the successful permit applicants, said retailers will be able to sell one seed at a time.

Private vs government-run

Manitoba and Saskatchewan are one of the few Canadian provinces that will have a privatized market for cannabis.

The cannabis market will be a government-owned monopoly in all of Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, making the sale of seeds and seedlings only possible through government-run stores.

However, Alberta, Newfoundland and British Columbia will have a blended market, combining both government and private.