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Saskatchewan College is the Latest to Offer Marijuana Education

Saskatchewan College is the Latest to Offer Marijuana Education

Saskatchewan College is the Latest to Offer Marijuana Education

Higher Education — Saskatchewan College the Latest to Offer Marijuana Education

Going to school for weed seems like the unrealistic fantasy of an 18-year-old stoner off to college. However, marijuana education is becoming a new trend that universities and colleges are keen to capitalize on. A Saskatchewan College is the latest to offer marijuana education.

What Does the Program Offer?

So what would a marijuana education look like? Bong tokes for beginners? Eddibles 101? Pink Floyd appreciation class?

Much to the disappointment of the career stoners out there, smoking fat blunts and Cheeto consumption have not become profitable endeavors. Saskatchewan Polytechnic has plans to train students for the expanding, lucrative marijuana industry that is blossoming across Canada.

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Sorry kids, this isn’t what we meant by marijuana education (image via youtube)

Anne Neufeld, provost and academic vice-president for Saskatchewan Polytechnic detailed what the future of cannabis education will look like.

“We are working on new programming that would offer students an education in both the retail sales side and production or cultivation of cannabis,”

The Saskatchewan College is eyeing aspects of the cannabis market that have been overlooked by many colleges that offer similar programs.

We recognize that we can take that programming and leverage it… So, we’re looking at the retail side of things and making sure all the legislative requirements would be understood and quality assurance steps are taken in addition to the production side of things.”


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Program Delayed Until 2020

The Saskatchewan College says it doesn’t plan to roll out its program until 2020, a year after legalization. Neufeld said that this date isn’t set in stone, however. The year of the program’s release is entirely subservient to the labor market.

“The labour market requirements triggered by the legalization of cannabis may have an impact on when the programming launches,”

Perhaps Saskatchewan Polytechnic is waiting to take stock of what the cannabis market will look like in Canada so that it may design its curriculum accordingly.

The production and marketing aspects of the marijuana industry already established facts. On the supply end, all of the Canadian provinces are currently accounted for. Each signing a number of agreements with licensed producers. Ontario was last to jump ship, signing deals with 26 different licensed producers as of last week.

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With the future of Cannabis retailing still up in the air in Canada, perhaps Saskatchewan Polytechnic is waiting to see what form the formative industry will take before rolling out its marijuana education (Image via lift news)

However, the retail side of the industry is still rather amorphous. Each of the Canadian provinces is rolling out a separate model for cannabis retail and distribution. State-operated legalization in Quebec will look very different from Ontario which intends to privatize its cannabis industry for instance.

Once the nitty-gritty of marijuana retailing is fully actualized, perhaps we will have a better sense of what exactly will be taught at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.


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A Booming New Industry

With so much uncertainty comes a great degree of potential. This is true of Canada’s burgeoning cannabis industry. A host of related and auxiliary industries are springing up around legal marijuana.

Perhaps cannabis education is just the next development in this rapidly growing field. Whether more traditional institutions will choose to jump on the bandwagon or private institutions will choose to step up and create their own marijuana education is anyone’s guess. One thing is for certain, the future of education looks green indeed.


By: Stefan Hosko


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