British firm Senzer to launch first inhaled cannabinoid in the UK

The British firm Senzer is set to launch the first inhaled cannabinoid in the UK.

Senzer, a privately-held British firm, recently announced that is going to launch Cannafen followed by Candex with the latter expected for release in early 2019, The Pharm Letter reported, adding that both drugs are administered through Senzer’s inhaler system.

Senzer says there around 300,000 people in Europe and the US, who suffer from chemotherapy-related nausea and nerve pain, expecting Cannafen to offer some relief.

“We hope that this will be a new and meaningful treatment option available on prescription and increase the range of options for doctors and patients alike as they navigate their cancer care,” said a spokesman for the company.

Alex Hearn, chief executive of Senzer, said: “Our delivery technology is a first of its kind,” adding: “A respiratory delivery system that uses a breath-operated valve technology and delivers pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids rapidly into the bloodstream.”

Both Cannafen and Candex are subject to regulatory approval.

Senzer’s launch of its new medication comes after GW Pharmaceuticals, another British pharmaceutical company, was successful in getting the FDA approval to release its CBD-based epilepsy drug, Epidiolex, in the United States.

Meanwhile, the public demand for medical cannabis is also changing the British government’s perception toward the green herb.

Last week, UK’s top medical chief Professor Dame Sally Davies told the British government after her review that there is “conclusive evidence” of its benefits for some conditions.

UK’s Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs will issue an assessment on whether medical marijuana should be approved in the coming weeks.