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Jeff Sessions is the New Face of Cannabis Rolling Papers

Jeff Sessions is the New Face of Cannabis Rolling Papers

Latoya Jackman
jeff sessions

Jeff Sessions has a face that most cannabis enthusiasts dislike. But a group of marijuana supporters are using his image to fuel their advocacy plan.

He may not like it very much, but Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the new face of a brand of rolling papers. The papers are sold by the recreational marijuana advocacy group #JeffSesh and are meant to drive awareness towards federal legalization of marijuana for recreational use. The supporters have stated on their website that the marketing strategy is focused on proving to the Attorney General that they are not criminals.

“We’re not criminals, junkies or idiots. Regular Jeffs all over the country — good, responsible, patriotic Americans — have a sesh now and then… and it’s OK!”

They are adamant that Sessions is wrong in his many statements and have explained via their website that every time you sesh with any brand of #JeffSesh papers, you’re helping keep the law moving forward — and not back to the Nixon era.

 “You’re saying we’ve moved on, Jeff.”

The members of #JeffSesh have made themselves very clear that Sessions’ opposition to marijuana legalization should come to an end. His constant hashing and actions, such as rescinding the Obama-era ‘Cole memo’ are redundant moves. Sessions has been placed under scrutiny recently because of his statements and actions towards those who utilize medical and recreational marijuana,

“Previous nationwide guidance specific to marijuana enforcement is unnecessary and is rescinded, effective immediately.”

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Sessions’ memo was met with strong adversity from both political houses. He also sent a letter to congressional leaders in May last year stating that they should remove the amendment that restricts the Justice Department from utilizing government funds to obstruct states using State laws against the distribution, possession or production of medical marijuana.

Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada and California along with the District of Columbia have legalized the use of recreational marijuana. Massachusetts and Maine are scheduled to follow later this year.


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