Sessions Acts to Protect Religious Freedoms But Americans See Hypocrisy Over Pot

In hopes of protecting religious freedoms, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday announced the creation of a “religious liberty task force.” 

Sessions, notorious for his anti-marijuana stance, lamented that the American culture has become “less hospitable to people of faith.” But he had people on Twitter reminding him that he was too curbing their religious freedoms for espousing their marijuana freedoms.

Craigerton Sebastian, directly asked Session, if his “Liberty Task Force protects the rights of those whose religion is marijuana?”

John Holmes, meanwhile, described marijuana as his religion. “How does @jeffsessions intend to protect my religious rights? Not to mention my #healthcare, #cancer, & #chemotherapy.”

Marijuana Key in Some Religions

Others also pointed out how some religions such as the Rastafarian one has marijuana as a key ritual. In some US churches, cannabis is part of their way to profit by selling medical marijuana.

And for those, who are into trivia, French-born Suzanne Aubert could possibly be New Zealand’s first Saint, who grew and sold medical marijuana to help those in pain.

Kurt Eichenwald wrote: “Sessions says we need a Religious Liberty Task Force, will he FINALLY allow the Rastafari Religion to legally use marijuana in their ceremonies and prayers?”

religious liberty task force
“Nuns were being forced to buy contraceptives,” Sessions said.

“Dangerous Movement”

After announcing the so-called “religious liberty task force,” Sessions warned of a “dangerous movement” that was eroding protections for religious Americans.

US Conservative groups immediately praised Sessions over his move.

“Nuns were being forced to buy contraceptives,” Sessions said. He also said it was inappropriate that judicial and executive branch nominees were being asked about their religious dogma.

Alongside marijuana advocates, other Americans have repeatedly expressed alarm over the attorney general’s stance crackdown on LGBT rights and favoring Christians over other faiths.

The head of the Department of Justice also praised a Colorado baker who won a Supreme Court case for refusing to make a cake for a same-sex couple.

Colorado, one of the earliest US states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, had its Senator Cory Garnder calling Sessions a “liar” earlier this year for his clampdown on marijuana.