San Francisco to get app to clear marijuana possession records

The most anticipated step after legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in any place is clearing old records.

On Jan. 1, California legalized recreational marijuana statewide.

To meet expectations, San Francisco’s top prosecutor is currently working with a tech firm to develop an app to clear old marijuana possession records in the northern hilly city in California, his office announced on Tuesday.

By using the app – Clear My Record – prosecutors will be able to automatically fill out forms and create a digital file, which will be submitted to the court to clear past marijuana convictions.

District Attorney George Gascón will be teaming up with the nonprofit group – Code For America – to develop the app. The group usually develops technology to aid the government in solving community problems.

Soon after legalization in California, Gascón said his office would automatically be applying the law to all misdemeanor and felony cases in San Francisco dating back to 1975.

His office is expected to review and recall up to 8,000 cases.