Poll: 75% of Brits believe doctors should be able to prescribe marijuana

Surveys show that many residents in Britain have not made up their mind when it comes to legalizing medical cannabis

A recent YouGov poll shows about 75 percent of the public believe doctors should be able to prescribe medical cannabis for people who need it, with just 12 per cent who think they should not.

Also, about 24 per cent support decriminalisation and just over a quarter 27 per cent support legalization.

But YouGov said when pollsters ask a straight up question on the legalization of cannabis, the public is almost equally divided: 43% support legalization and 41% oppose it. The remaining 15% don’t know.

When compared to tobacco, marijuana is viewed better. Many believe that marijuana would be beneficial in cases of epilepsy.

Percentages show that many British residents support the Liberal Democrats policy suggestion (Image via YouGov.com)

Liberal suggestion or current policy?

Although the survey shows that there are people, who would like to maintain the current policy on marijuana, the percentages show most are against it.

When combined, 51 percent of the residents are in support of decriminalization and legalization of marijuana.

Where British politics is concerned, drug policy is seen as a third rail. However, the Liberal Democrats believe that it should be decriminalized.

Recently, the suggestion has been proposed that instead of legalization, decriminalization would be a better option.

The suggestion focused on minimizing the punishment for selling and possession.

Many believe that the biggest fear harbored by British politicians is the public response.