Small Canadian Town in Alberta to Get More Jobs as Third Pot Company Settles in

Olds, situated in the center of the western Canadian province of Alberta, is expected to gain 1,000 to 1,500 jobs as a third medical cannabis company joins in.

Known for producing canola, Olds is welcoming Crescent Enterprises, the latest company joining in the town with a population of 9,100 residents.

“I think Olds is open for business, quite clearly,” CBC News quoted Alan Moon with Crescent Enterprises as saying.

So far, Crescent Enterprises is inching closer to building a third production facility in the town, employing around 40 workers.

Moon, who is currently applying to the federal government to grow medical cannabis, eyes to grow somewhere in the region of 20,000 kilograms per year.

He said:

“The town made the decision that this was an industry that could help them out and I think they’re right about that, there are lots of jobs involved here.”

He added: “The college is certainly helpful in terms of the labor force and what’s also helpful is the attitude Olds has taken. It’s easier to business there than it is in Calgary and somewhat less expensive.”

Olds is an hour away from the major city in Alberta, Calgary.

The other two facilities in Olds belong to Sundial Growers Inc. and Olds Softgels. These facilities produce medical cannabis gel pills.

Olds Mayor Optimistic

Olds has its mayor feeling optimistic especially over the upcoming job creation.

“With everything we’ve got in the hopper right now we’re looking at 1,000 to 1,500 jobs coming in the next three years,” said the mayor Michael Muzychka said.

He added:

“Once the facts come out people are generally open-minded. It’s coming anyway whether they approve or not, so why doesn’t Olds take advantage of the economic boom?”

Olds has its own attractive perks, particularly for its community-owned and operated fiber-optic broadband. It was named by the Intelligent Communities Forum as one its Smart21 Communities of the Year for 2018.