Colorado’s Starbuds to Open 4 Marijuana Storefronts in Windsor, ON

Four marijuana storefronts are expected open in Windsor, Ontario, by the end of the new year, thanks to a Colorado-based cannabis company Starbuds.

Starbuds signed a joint operating agreement with the Canadian medicinal marijuana firm Compass Cannabis Clinics to open these marijuana storefronts, the Windsor Star reported.

The Colorado company has also secured a local partnership and a lease for one undisclosed site in Windsor, bordering US state of Michigan.

The news comes after Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford said there will be no monopoly over marijuana sales but privatization following legalization on Oct. 17.

“If the province doesn’t have a cap, we feel it’s a good three-to-four-store market,” said Dave Martyn, president of Compass Cannabis Clinics and Starbuds Canada.

“There’s a good population, a lot of people traveling through the area and the city is close to the border.”

It is estimated that almost $500 million (US) is the amount of trade that passes daily along the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor and Detroit, Michigan, making it the busiest border crossing in North America, according to a 2011 CBC News reported.

Not only Windsor but Starbuds is opening storefronts Whitby, Ont. It is also opening up new storefronts in US locations such as Maryland and Massachusetts this year.

Colorado was one of the earliest US states to legalize recreational marijuana. Starbuds, the first retailer licensed by Colorado, so far has expanded to 11 locations in the state since legalization in 2014.