Weed and Studying – How Cannabis Can Improve Focus

Weed and Studying – How Cannabis Can Improve Focus

Some users say there is a positive relationship between weed and studying. That cannabis can improve focus and boost creativity. They say that cannabis also helps improve their productivity.

Others will tell you though that weed and studying should never mix. That there is no way that cannabis can improve focus. After all, it causes short-term memory problems.

What most first-time users don’t realize is that this effect depends on a number of factors, including the type of cannabis strain. While there is a positive relationship between weed and studying, using the wrong strain will make you wonder if cannabis can improve focus.

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The Right Cannabis Can Improve Focus

If you’re a new cannabis user, know that there are two major types of Cannabis – Sativa, and Indica.

Indica produces relaxing and sedating effects. This type of cannabis induces a phenomenon called couch-lock. When you use an Indica strain, you will want to look for a nice couch right away so you can curl up and just relax, maybe even sleep.

Sativa, on the other hand, uplifts and energizes. This type of cannabis can improve focus. It makes you want to be more productive. Your energy increases, and you feel more motivated to complete your tasks.

But the different hybrid strains make this distinction even more confusing. Their effects sometimes overlap since hybrids are a mix of Sativa and Indica. To know which type of cannabis can improve focus, you need to look at its terpene content, specifically pinene.

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What is pinene and its connection to weed and studying?

Pinene and focus

Cannabis contains a terpene called pinene. This is a compound that gives some cannabis strains its piney scent and flavor.

Studies show that pinene also enhances memory and boosts learning. It blocks a chemical called acetylcholinesterase from breaking down acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is an important neurotransmitter that helps neurons relay signals related to attention, motivation, as well as memory and arousal. This neurotransmitter also facilitates the movements of skeletal muscles.

One of the links between weed and studying is its pinene content. Cannabis strains rich in pinene helps improve memory, focus, attention, and motivation.

Another link between weed and studying is the strain’s CBD content. THC, as we all know, negatively impacts memory and attention. CBD, however, reduces and controls this THC effect.

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Cannabis Can Improve Focus if You Use These Strains

Cannabis and studying

To benefit from weed and studying, you have to know which types of cannabis can improve focus. Some strains that contain high levels of pinene are Blue Dream as well as Bubba Kush. Other high-pinene strains include OG Kush, Chem D, and Island Sweet Skunk. You also have Trainwreck and Strawberry Cough.

If you want a high-CBD and high-pinene strain, choose Harlequin. It has a 5:2 CBD: THC ratio, and it also contains a high level of pinene.

Keep in mind that not all benefits from weed and studying can be achieved without hard work. It won’t matter if you’re using the right strain if you’re lazy and unmotivated in the first place. Cannabis can only enhance your focus and attention if you exert enough effort and energy into the task. It won’t make you creative and productive if your heart is not in the activity.

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