The Sunrock: What You Need to Know

MoonRocks have been on the cannabis scene for quite some time now, so much so that it’s fairly hard to find a marijuana user that hasn’t at the very least heard of them. New to the scene though is SunRock, MoonRocks lesser known brother. It turns out he’s the cool one in the family.

So what exactly are SunRocks and what is the difference between the two?

The Difference Between Moonrocks and Sunrocks

MoonRocks are nugs covered in oil and then kief. The main components that make up a MoonRock are flower, kief, and oil. Combine these three in any way and what you end up with is what we now call a MoonRock, regardless of how many strains are used.

SunRocks Take This Concept and Push it to the Next Level

SunRocks look like your average bud from a distance. On closer inspection, you can notice the extract that has been drizzled onto the nug. This process is done right before adding the kief layer and adds an extra level to the experience provided. In short, a better high.

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SunRocks also tend to show their quality more than a MoonRock. When purchasing a MoonRock it can be very hard to tell the quality of product you’re getting hidden under all the wax and kief. Some places like to take advantage of this by supplying a lower quality product disguised as a high-quality product. The hard reality of this is you will never know until you go home and try it. SunRocks, on the other hand, have a very distinct sparkle to them and are much easier to determine the quality of.

Is a Sunrocks More Potent?

With any cannabis product the quality and potency comes down to many factors, but generally, the answer is yes. The best of the best in MoonRocks average out at about 60 percent THC, which is a much more common percentage of lower end SunRocks, with highs going up to 80 percent THC.

How Do You Smoke a Sunrock?

So you’ve decided you want to try out some SunRocks but not sure on how to go about consuming them?

Firstly, you’ll be better off using scissors over a grinder to bust up your SunRock. When using a grinder, the device tends to remove a lot of what makes the bud special to begin with, like the kief and oil the nug is covered in. Scissors in a shot glass are the most preferred method of breaking up your SunRock.

Once it’s all busted it up its more or less business as usual. You can add the pieces of SunRock to your weed-filled joint or blunt to up the experience. Using a bong or pipe works well for smoking SunRocks either alone or with regular bud.

If you are not the most experienced cannabis user, use caution. MoonRocks alone tend to be to much for some users, and SunRocks are much more potent. These are not for the faint of heart.