Supreme Cannabis Signs a Supply Deal With Ontario

Supreme Cannabis
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Ontario Gets its Act Together in Time for Legalization  — Supreme Cannabis Signs Supply Deal With Ontario Government

In the month’s before legalization, Ontario has been in a mad dash to set up the necessary infrastructure to run a competent cannabis industry. The election of a new administration meant doing away with the Wynne government’s disastrous plan in favor of privatization at the 11th hour. Many questioned whether this last-minute cram would result in utter ruin or astounding success.

With no agreements signed with licensed producers, it appeared that the Ford Administration would be left out in the cold. However, the Provincial, Conservative Government has finally taken the reigns and secured its supply of marijuana. Their selection of supplier has given further confidence to those who were optimistic for Ontario.

So as Supreme Cannabis signs a supply deal with Ontario… What does this mean for the future of weed in Ontario?

Who are the Ontario’s New Marijuana Suppliers?

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Supreme Cannabis and 7ACRE boast impressive growing facilities, but will it be enough to supply Ontario’s demands? (image via Life News)

A cornerstone of the Canadian cannabis industry since 2014, Supreme Cannabis has demonstrated itself no stranger to ambitious endeavors. Through their main grower, 7ACRES, Supreme Cannabis has long supplied a number of licensed producer on the medicinal side of Canadian cannabis industry.

The cannabis industry is a massive one and recreational demand will undoubtedly dwarf current medicinal demand. Only a small percentage of the current marijuana industry is currently supplied through legal means. But it appears this local grower from Kincardine, Ontario is up to the task. Previous worries about the Provincial Conservatives being able to supply Ontario have just been squashed.

With a 350,000 square foot greenhouse, the province of Ontario is in good hands. Supreme Cannabis and 7ACRES have been preparing alongside the rest of Canada to exceed expectations. With over 100 employees hired in the last year alone, Supreme Cannabis is ready for October 17. Success begets success, therefore, one can only assume that further expansion will be in order.

With unparalleled experience in the marijuana industry, Supreme Cannabis is ready for what is sure to be a large and arduous adaptation as 100 years of marijuana prohibition are about to come to a close… But how will the environment fare under this new, unprecedented industrial growth?

A Responsible Choice

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In selecting a marijuana supplier, sustainability and environmental consciousness are essential attributes as cannabis goes global (image via Shutter Stock)

While many would assume that marijuana and environmental consciousness go hand in hand, this is not always the case. A number of cannabis producers have prioritized profits over sustainability, much to the detriment of the planet. In selecting Supreme Cannabis as the supplier for Ontario Cannabis, the Doug Ford Administration has shown that it places a high value on sustainability.

This early in the game, it is important to lay down the rules of engagement for how the marijuana industry will be played. This is why it is essential that sustainability is heavily emphasized… Especially in an industry with as much global potential as cannabis.

One of these refreshing and environmentally conscious practices utilized by Supreme Cannabis and 7ACRES is their philosophy on pesticides. Priority is given to the health and enjoyment of the consumer by not using any harmful pesticides in their process of growing cannabis. This prioritization of planet and people is refreshing and distinctly Canadian.

This approach and philosophy will undoubtedly be an invaluable contribution to the rest of the world as cannabis goes global and Supreme Cannabis sets its sights abroad.

Cannabis Goes Global

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As marijuana legalization spreads worldwide, Canada will play an essential role as an exporter and industry leader (image via 420 Intel)

On October 17, Canada will become the first G7 nation to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana. However, medicinal weed has been legal since 2001. Therefore, the wealth of experience and cannabis infrastructure in place is the great white north is unrivaled compared with any other nation in the world.

While supplying Canadians adequately with high-quality cannabis is the mission of today, supplying the world with weed is the mission of tomorrow. Legalization will undoubtedly emanate across the globe. With Canada at the center of this revolution, more countries are sure to follow. When the numerous benefits (be they financial, medicinal or societal) become common knowledge, Supreme Cannabis will be there to lead the charge.

Luckily for the Canadian economy… Ambitious companies such as Supreme Cannabis are up to the task of bringing the world Canada’s finest. As one of the largest and oldest suppliers of cannabis in the nation, Supreme Cannabis, and 7ACRES will have a pivotal role. This duty is not simply supplying the world with Cannabis, but also with providing it with the expertise and knowledge for growing, regulating and distribution.

Prohibition WeWantBeer 1024x641 - Supreme Cannabis Signs a Supply Deal With Ontario
In the years after prohibition, the American alcohol companies were able to fulfill an essential market niche and expand rapidly… could Supreme Cannabis do the same? (image via Cyprus Beer Magazine)

This expansion will be similar to the role played by the American Brewing companies in the years following alcohol prohibition. As Supreme Cannabis cuts its teeth supplying recreational cannabis on the domestic market… They gain a competitive edge as new markets open their doors worldwide.


While the fact that legalization is happening is important, how legalization is happening is equally important. In their selection of Supreme Cannabis as their supplier of marijuana, Doug Ford’s Provincial government has made a bold statement.

Their choice says Ontario will not select any supplier simply for expediency’s sake. In choosing supreme, Canada’s most populous province has committed to sustainability, and a people and planet first approach. The PCs have chosen to empower a local company with a global vision.  Undoubtedly, they have invested in the future of both the Canadian economy and the planet.


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