Tennessee lawmakers propose the TRUMP Act to legalize medical marijuana

Tennessee lawmakers propose the TRUMP Act to legalize medical marijuana, The Hill reported on Thursday.

Tennessee lawmakers propose the TRUMP Act, a state bill that has entered the General Assembly in Tennessee. Yes, the Tennessee Responsible Use of Medicinal Plants Act (TRUMP Act), is named after President Trump, who is not exactly the biggest cannabis enthusiast.

It must be noted that US Attorney General Jeff Sessions told The Hill that he hasn’t talked to President Donald Trump about any legislation to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. However, Sessions said he believed Trump would support a bill that protected states that do so.

The bill to legalize medical marijuana has been proposed by two Tennessee lawmakers: Rep. Bryan Terry (R) and Sen. Steve Dickerson (R), who are against legalizing recreational marijuana.

The Times Free Press reported Wednesday that Terry and Dickerson’s bill would expand medical research into treatments with cannabis and cannabis extracts.

“We believe Tennessee patients and physicians have the right to participate in research utilizing cannabis and that our agricultural, higher education, and life science industries are well equipped to be world leaders in this research,” Terry said in a news release.

Terry said he believes that doctors and patients have a right to be a part of cannabis research.

Oklahoma this week became the 30th US state to follow the path to legalize medical marijuana. So far, there are nine US states that have already legalized recreational marijuana.[share-btn]