Texas Dispensary to Open in December

Texas is getting onboard with cannabis. The state plans to open its first dispensary in December. Due to this, the tiny rural town of Schulenburg is about to get put on the map. Currently, the town is known for being a hub of German culture. Its most prolific building is the Texas Polka Music Museum. The 3,000 local residents may see a big boom in visitors this December due to becoming the home of the first Texas dispensary.

“Knox Medical” Will be the First Texas Dispensary

This summer, Knox Medical officially got a license to open the very first Texas dispensary. Jose Hidalgo, the owner, is experienced in the field. He runs licensed medical dispensaries already in Florida and Puerto Rico.

He explains that he chose a small town for multiple reasons. Not only is the land in the area perfect for growing, but the location also puts him within a good distance of Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. Growing will require a great deal of land. The grow-op will be set up at the same site as the Texas dispensary.

The news that the first Texas dispensary will open in Schulenburg has been met with mixed reactions. There are plenty of positive responses, as well as negative.

“If it is for medicinal purposes, why suffer, why go through life and suffer?” Smrkovsky in an interview with TPR.

The First Texas Dispensary is Not a Storefront

While Texas is about to receive its first dispensary, it won’t be a storefront. Instead, the business will focus on delivering its product to the user.

While its great that a Texas dispensary is on its way, it’s been a long time coming. Due to the state’s restrictions within the Compassionate Care Act, it’s still more difficult than needed to purchase cannabis in Texas.