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Texas Republican Party backs decriminalization of marijuana

Texas Republican Party backs decriminalization of marijuana

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A Texas delegate on the arena floor during the second day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. (File image via Reuters)

Yet in another sign of historic changes, signaling the acceptance of marijuana, the Republican Party in Texas has backed the decriminalization of the green plant.

On Saturday, the GOP passed a platform giving the green light for major changes in the way Texas treats medical marijuana and those found in possession of less than an ounce of pot, the Dallas Observer reported. 

Texas has long been considered to be one of the worst states for medical marijuana and for those caught with weed.

“What this demonstrates is that even the most conservative Texans among us are starting to look at new approaches to cannabis and starting to educate themselves about the fact that prohibition has failed,” says Heather Fazio, coalition coordinator with Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy. “This is a medicine for many people.”

In 2017, a bill that would’ve decriminalized possessing 1 ounce or less of marijuana made it to the House for voting for the first time. However, it was derailed by a procedural maneuver by the ultraconservative Texas Freedom Caucus.

The proposed law, House Bill 81, picked up 41 co-sponsors, both Republicans and Democrats, on its way through the committee process, the Dallas Observer reported. 

With Texas Republicans endorsing an identical situation as a party, Fazio is optimistic that the 2019 Legislature will endorse decriminalization.



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