The Future of Marijuana Edibles and Marijuana Drinkables

The Future of Marijuana Edibles — What Will the Cannabis Consumption of the Future Look Like?

It seems consumption patterns in cannabis are shifting. As the recreational market proliferates side by side with legalization, new, promising alternatives to smoking are emerging.

This began with the mass production of edible cannabis products such as gummies, and cookies. Now it seems drinking might just be the next trend in weed consumption. Is smoking cannabis to be a thing of the past? Or are these new methods of consumption simply flash in the pan trends? Let’s have a closer looks at some of the new trends in the cannabis market and try to determine the future of marijuana edibles.

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How is Recreational Marijuana Changing?

Marijuana edible gummies, edibles the way of the future
Edible marijuana has long been a substance reserved for the experienced, the brave and the foolhardy… Perhaps now it could take on a new role as the intake method of the virgin marijuana consumer (image via Las Vegas Review-Journal)

As cannabis become increasingly popular, smoking it is bound to diminish in popularity. Many marijuana virgins are curious about cannabis but put off by inhaling smoke. This is generally because of an aversion to the feeling of smoke entering their lungs or associations with cigarettes. Inhalation for many of these first-time users can be an unpalatable method of consumption.

Drinking, edibles and other alternatives such as vaping might be a way for many to attain the benefits of cannabis, without the smoke. This could open up vast new bases of consumers for cannabis companies.

Edible methods of consumption have typically been reserved for the most grizzled of marijuana veterans. Only the ponytailed, Woodstock attending, tie-dye shirt wearing psychonauts can eat the dastardly gummy bear… And come out on the other side with their psyche intact. But this might no longer be the case.

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More Precise Methods of Consumption

Smoking marijuana is an imprecise method of consumption. Exactly how much THC you’re consuming is a mystery. You often have to trust that the person who sold it to you didn’t just sell you a Russian Soyuz Rocket on a one way trip to Mars.

Edible cannabis provides a greater degree of precision. This will allow for virgin marijuana consumers to have a pleasant first experience. Less potent cannabis beverages and foods could be the new trend that takes over the market.

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Weed Beer and Other Marijuana Drinkables

Bottle of Corona With lime, WeedMD weed drink
Beer companies were the first to attempt to create cannabis beverages… Notably Constellation Brands, Heineken, and Molson (mage via Glengarry Wines)

Recently, a new cannabis drink was created by WeedMD and Phivida. Through a newly minted company, CanBev, WeedMD will produce and sell marijuana-infused drinks that will be sold on the recreational and medicinal markets.

The endeavor has some powerful backers with a wealth of experience in the specialty drink industry. Many members of Phivida’s executive team have experience working with Red Bull Canada. Judging by the unparalleled success of the energy drink company, this will be an invaluable source of marketing expertise for WeedMD’s new endeavor.

However, this is not the first marijuana-infused beverage to hit the market. Molson, Constellation Brands, and Heineken have announced the debut of their own weed beers or hopsy sparkling weed beverages.

With such industry giants backing drinkable marijuana the future of weed just might be drinkable.

By: Stefan Hosko
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