“The Old Lady Clippers” have found a second home at Acreage Pharms

Their job is to look through the plants and carefully remove any brown or damaged leaves.

Linda Moman never thought she would be a clipper in her golden years. She explained that after retirement staying at home all day is boring.

One thing that can definitely help with Moman is working; and working with the younger people.

“My son says, ‘I’m never eating your brownies again,’ and my daughter-in-law calls me a pot farmer. It’s all in fun.”

Acreage Pharms is the second largest producer of medical marijuana in Alberta, Canada.

The ladies ensure that the plants are healthy.

The five ladies between the ages of 67 and 78 years old, wear white protective suits over their pink uniformed t-shirts, with blue caps and crops.

Marion Huggins, one of the five clippers, says that the group works up to 10 hours a day.

However, it is not tiring, they chat with each other and lunch is provided for them.

Part of the community

Acreage Pharms officials started growing marijuana in April 2017.

The ladies were introduced to the company when Acreage Pharms co-founder Brenda Dixon came to visit the seniors’ group in town.

Currently, 600 grams are produced yearly, but once the expansion has been completed in November, production should rise by 10,000 grams.

This will also raise employment from 40 people to 100.

Dixon considers the old lady clippers as the company Ambassadors.

“We’ve been successful in attracting very qualified people, but these ladies are in themselves very highly qualified in another sort of non-traditional sense. They know the land, they know the people, they know what they’re doing. And they’ve got a work ethic that comes from the farming background.”

Trevor Dixon, Acreage Pharms CEO, believes that hiring the “Old Lady Clippers” was a good way to involve the surrounding community.

“We take great pride in the people who surround us in this neighbourhood. I enjoy them working here.”