Tips for Keeping Kids Safe From Cannabis Exposure

Poison centres across Canada and the childhood injury-prevention charity Parachute will mount a social media awareness campaign beginning Wednesday about the detrimental effects of cannabis on children and how to prevent inadvertent exposure, using the hashtag #PotCanPoisonKids.

Here are some safety tips for parents and other adults to ensure children are not accidentally exposed to the drug:

— Store all cannabis products as you would medications and other potentially toxic products — locked up and out of reach in child-resistant containers. Clearly label cannabis edibles and store them in their original packaging.

— Never consume cannabis in any form in front of children, either for medical or recreational purposes. Not only can seeing the products create temptation, but using them may impair your ability to provide a safe environment. Always put marijuana products back into the child-resistant packaging and in a locked and out-of-reach location immediately after use.

— Grandparents, other family members, neighbors, friends and babysitters can be sources of cannabis exposure. Ask anyone whose home your children spend time in if they use cannabis. If so, make sure he or she stores it safely and does not use the drug in front of your children or while caring for them.

— Keep the number of your local poison control center near the phone. If your child eats cannabis unintentionally, contact your provincial poison center. If your province or territory does not have a poison control center, call 911.

The Canadian Press