Your Top Cannabis News for January 16th, 2020

Here’s your Cannabis news today. Your daily round up of Business, Health, and Lifestyle Cannabis news. Today we will showcase Bernie Sanders and his role in cannabis workers unionization, donating blood if you smoke cannabis, and the benefits of Full-Spectrum Cannabis extracts.


The unionization of the cannabis industry

Bernie Sanders Cannabis Union
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Illinois sees its first cannabis union

Bernie Sanders showed his support for marijuana industry workers by urging them to unionize. The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate stated that workers “in the cannabis industry deserve respect and fair wages.” He specifically encouraged workers at Cresco Labs “to vote yes for the union on Tuesday.”

Sanders took to twitter to show his support “Workers in the cannabis industry deserve respect and fair wages. I encourage Cresco Labs workers in Joliet to vote yes for the union on Tuesday [January 14th]. As president, I will lead the fight to double union membership in this country.” Cresco Labs resoponded on twitter: “Thanks for thinking of our workers here at @crescolabs @berniesanders. We support our employees’ right to be represented if they wish – the choice is theirs to make and we support the outcome, whatever it may be, of the upcoming union election. #righttovote #illinoiscannabis

100 workers were eligible to vote, and they made history by becoming the first cannabis union contract in Illinois. “Congratulations to the new Local 881 members at Cresco in Joliet who have set a positive example—for the entire state of Illinois and the cannabis industry at large—of what can happen when workers come together to improve their working conditions,” said Local 881 President Steve Powell.


Bud and blood: Is it safe to donate?

Donate Cannabis Blood
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Cannabis users want to help…but can you give blood if you smoke marijuana?

In July 2019,  the American Red Cross was shipping out blood donations faster than they were coming in. They were in a state of emergency. Why might that be? Well, only 10% of the eligible population (38% of Americans) actually donate. The American Red Cross is no longer in a state of emergency, but they are constantly needing more blood. Who knows when they will run low again?

You may be wondering, is it ok to donate blood if you have smoked marijuana? The Red Cross stated that you can donate blood if you have smoked marijuana. Synthetic marijuana is a different story. You cannot donate if you have used synthetic marijuanas, unless it is the FDA approved drug Marinol. Interestingly, you cannot donate if you are using the drug for medical purposes, only if you don’t have a pre-existing medical condition.

While it is ok to have cannabis in your system, you cannot be intoxicated while donating. This includes alcohol, licit, and illicit drugs. If you wish to donate, you should check if you are eligible by reading the basic donation guidelines. The Red Cross isn’t the DEA, they won’t snitch on you if they find a lil’ weed in your system.


The benefits of a full-spectrum

Full-Spectrum Cannabis extract
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Be sure to do your research when looking to enjoy all of the potential benefits of cannabis

Is CBD really all you need? CBD is currently being praised as the new wonder drug. Is it really all that, or could Full-Spectrum Cannabis extracts provide better medical properties? In a cannabis plant there are many combinations of cannabinoids, terpenes and other less popularized elements. Many of these cannabinoids also contain small amounts of medical properties.

Normal extraction processes sift out certain components, leaving you with mostly just one element. This also goes for highly potent shatter, which can have well over 50% THC, However these lose flavor and other crucial aspects. This is known as “the entourage effect.” There are more than 80 cannabinoids, a variety of terpenes, flavonoids, etc. that all work in synergy to bring the plant’s unique therapeutic qualities to life.

Some research has shown that whole plant medicine is more effective than CBD-only extracts. Many studies about CBD fail to mention that the people were actually medicated with whole plant extracts that are actually just derived from CBD-dominant strains. In places where recreational use of cannabis is legal, you might want to do some more research about Full-Spectrum Cannabis instead of investing fully in CBD.