2 Toronto Police Officers Hallucinated After Taking Edibles While on Duty

As Canada continues to warn its citizens that marijuana is illegal despite the looming date of a nationwide legalization of cannabis, an unlikely story from Toronto has emerged on Monday.

The local CBC News said the two police officers, who work at 13 Division, were on duty Sunday when they allegedly ingested marijuana edibles in Toronto.

Sources said the officers started hallucinating and called for assistance; they were later found in a police vehicle.

Intoxicated, one of the officers slipped on ice, injuring his head. He was later treated in a hospital.

The two were suspended, said CBC News.

Meanwhile, Police spokesperson Mark Pugash said the two are now being investigated by Toronto police Professional Standards Unit, but wouldn’t provide any additional information, including their names and what alleged conduct led to the suspension.

This summer, Canada will be the first developed nation to legalize marijuana.