Watch: Trudeau Asked Why “Secret Investors” Funnelled $271 Mln in Canadian Cannabis Company

Lisa Raitt, a Conservative MP from Milton, Ontario, has recently grilled Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the upcoming weed legalization.

The parliamentarian questioned if the Liberal government has an agenda to keep marijuana investment under the guise of “secret investors” anticipating its grand profits.

In a session at the House of Commons, Raitt initially said there is a “significant” amount of investment made in companies based in the French-speaking province of Quebec in Canada, which have offshore accounts and its members are rather “anonymous.”

She asked: “Can the prime minister gives us assurances that these companies are not set up by organized crimes.”

Lisa Raitt asking Trudeau tough questions.

Trudeau, who had the legalization of marijuana as part of his election platform in 2015, said: “Right now the sale of marijuana across the country puts billions of dollars in the pockets of organized crime.”

He said the “current system” has failed.

He added: “We know by legalizing and controlling the sale of marijuana, not only we will reduce the profits going to organized crime, streets gangs and street runners, we will do a better job by protecting our kids, and their communities with a legalized framework.”

Cayman Islands, links to Liberal party?

Unconvinced by his answer, Raitt fought back: “I don’t need the talking points given back to me.”

Instead, Raitt further sharpened and narrowed down her question when she said that in the Cayman Islands, there are “secret investors,” who have “invested $271 million into a Quebec cannabis company.”

But that didn’t stop here, she threw another fireball. “Guess what, the founder of that company is the former chief financial officer of the liberal party in Canada.”

Before ending her question, Raitt emphasized that Canadians need assurances that “there are no organized crime elements in these secret investments.”

In response, Trudeau “one of the fundamental reasons why we are legalizing and controlling the sale of marijuana is to reduce the amount of profit going into the pockets of organized crime across the country.”

He accused the Conservative government before her of perpetuating “a system of prohibition that actually created sources of funding to organized crime through the legal framework with marijuana.”

He added with defiance: “That’s what we are sticking with.”

Canadian Reaction

Canadians online did not find Trudeau’s answer as satisfactory.

Spencer Fernando, a Canadian journalist wrote on his blog how Trudeau “totally avoided answering the real question.”

He added:

“How can Canadians have any trust in the changes to the justice system surrounding marijuana when Trudeau can’t – and won’t – even answer the most basic questions?”

Jamie Brasnyo on YouTube also pointed out how Trudeau said that the government will “limit” and “reduce” and not “eliminate.”

“…Can’t take everybody’s hand out of the cookie jar, only the ones approved by Justin Trudeau,” he said, expressing some cynicism espoused by some Canadians over their leadership.

While Alan Dickman described Trudeau’s’ reply as “scripted answers he’s a joke,” others lashed out at how the government is taking place of the so-called organized government it wants to limit.

One YouTube user by the name of Brane Storm pointed out how people in government are oblivious to how Canadians themselves are growing their marijuana, and the role of organized crimes are overstated.

“You can tell Trudeau grew up with a silver spoon. Organized crime? Maybe in the big cities where a certain [gang group] MC has control of things in Montreal and Vancouver,” he said.

“But in rural Canada you get your weed from a friend or two who grow it themselves. No guns, no violence, you go over to your buddies place…have a laugh or two, and your on your way home.”

Like others who are lashing out at the government’s monopoly over marijuana’s expected sales, Storm said: “I’ll never buy from the Government if they close all the private dispensaries so they can reap all the profits while screwing the people over with outrageous prices.”