Trudeau Says ‘Marijuana is Problematic’ but Defends Ottawa’s Imminent Pot Policy

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday defended his government’s decision to legalize marijuana as he kicked off his town hall tour in Nova Scotia.

Trudeau was grilled during his town hall in Nova Scotia when a health-care worker asked why, in light of evidence that cannabis is dangerous to developing minds, he was going ahead with legalization, CBC reported.

“This may surprise you, but I agree,” Trudeau said. “I agree that marijuana is problematic for the developing brain. We need to keep it out of the hands of our young people.”

“However it’s not working. Right now the current system we have means… there’s already marijuana in our high schools.”

The prime minister said that legalization marijuana will help Canada get rid of the black market. In addition, he added that there is no beer in the black market because it is legalized and regulated. Also, the profits from the industry were not ending up in the hands of thugs.

He said there are technical and scientific processes that vet drugs and treatments. It is up to the scientific community and not – politicians – to find what out what is considered safe for Canadians.

However, Canada is expected to become the first developed nation in the world to legalize marijuana and the second country after Uruguay.