True Toke: The Brand of Choice for the Modern Cannabis Consumer

Gone are the days of using cannabis accessories that adhere to the 70s hippie’s style. As cannabis has become more widely accepted in recent years, a new era of modern consumers has been ushered in. Studies have shown over the past 5 years, there has been a 500% increase in usage from working professionals. Surprisingly, the design of accessories hasn’t evolved as fast, and this has left an unmet need in this ever-evolving market. One brand recognizes this gap and has assembled a line to bring accessories for the modern-day consumer.Based in Vancouver, BC, the True Toke brand has gained unbelievable traction in the Canadian market in just a year. You can find it on the shelves of retail cannabis giants like Fire & Flower, Alcanna, Nova Cannabis, Choom, and many more.As you crunch the numbers on the customers buying accessories from this brand, you soon come to the inevitable conclusion that True Toke appears to appeal naturally to the discerning working professionals.The True Toke grinders seem to be taking the lead as the favorite product from this brand. They bring a classic take to grinders with their precision CNC machining technology, aerospace-grade anodized aluminum, razor-sharp diamond-shaped cutting edges, a textured grip, a rare-earth magnetic enclosure, and so many other features that make these grinders a treasure to own and use. You can choose between the 2-piece grinders, 4-piece grinders, mini grinders, and the one to die for, the 24-carat gold plated grinder.
You haven’t experienced what smoke hitters can deliver until you try the True Toke Smoke Hitters. Made from high-density anodized aluminum, these hitters deliver premium durability and exceptional heat transfer so that you will not burn your delicate fingers while you take a hit. These hitters come in gold, gunmetal, and rose gold colors so you can take your pick.
No longer have to scratch your head looking for an improvised way to carry small amounts of herb while on the go. Just get yourself the sleek True Toke Cache Case whose threaded interlock closure is designed to lock odors in while keeping moisture out. It is the perfect companion for your one-hitter. Your smoking experience will get a whole lot easier if you have the True Toke gun metal grinder card. At the size of a credit card, this grinder card is easy to carry with you in your wallet, card sleeve, or even pocket. Grind fine or large particle flowers to suit your smoking preferences while on the go. The protective sleeve that comes with this grinder card makes storing this accessory a breeze.
What seems to come through rather strongly is the attention to detail in the design of these True Toke accessories, the emphasis on not just functionality but also outstanding aesthetics, as well as the need to give users a product that reflects class and modernity in every aspect. That is a huge jump from the hippies’ style accessories to the True Toke experience.