Trump Administration Requests JUUL to Reveal Marketing Tactics, FDA Sends Warning

  • The Trump administration is urging federal regulators to request confidential marketing initiatives from Juul and other large e-cigarette companies. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will be launching an investigative study regarding Juul’s fast growth in sales figures, ad-campaigns, customer base and more. As vaporizer related deaths increase throughout North America, and a concerning rise in teens smoking tobacco through Juul and other popular e-cigarette companies continues,  the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned Juul about deceptive marketing tactics. The FDA sent an official warning letter addressed to the CEO of Juul, Kevin Burns, requesting a 15-day deadline to submit a plan to review and correct violations of federal law.

Juul received a separate warning letter from the FDA upon review of testimony from the July 24-25, 2019 hearing on “Examining JUUL’s Role in the Youth Nicotine Epidemic”. Based on the FDA review, it was determined that Juul marked its products to adults by presenting them as a modified risk tobacco product without permits by the FDA to sell or distribute. 

Warning to E Cigarette Companies

The number of vaporizer users went from 7 million to 41 million in 2018. Euromonitor International, a market research group, estimates that the number of adult e-cigarette users could increase to 55 million by 2021. The global market for e-cigarettes is currently estimated to be worth $19.3 Billion, compared to approximately $6.9 Billion just 5 years ago. The top locations for e-cigarette sales are the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. According to House of Commons Research, 10% of teens between the ages of 11 and 18 admit that they have tried vaping at least once. With vaping advertisements marketed to youths in an apparent attempt to make vaping seem ‘cool’ and less harmful than smoking cigarettes, the FDA is keeping a keen eye on vaping companies’ marketing initiatives.  

“We need to do all we can to protect the public from tobacco-related disease and death,” she wrote, “and prevent e-cigarettes from becoming an on-ramp to nicotine addiction for a generation of youth.” – First Lady, Melania Trump