Trump’s Marijuana Smear Squad — The Politicians Dedicated to Spreading Myths About Marijuana

Trump’s Marijuana Smear Squad — The Politicians Dedicated to Spreading Myths About Marijuana

Advocates of cannabis rights have long been hopeful that the grassroots, state-level revolution would make converts of the whole nation. Immense progress in ending prohibition has occurred as of late with full legalization taking place in 9 states. Many clung to the belief that this movement would eventually permeate the federal government.Marijuana is federally illegal… And that has a number of destructive consequences with regards to the enforcement of drug policy and life United States as a whole. These include but are not limited to:

  • Arrests in national parks and other federal lands
  • the DEA and the federal government prohibiting scientific research into marijuana
  • the fact that marijuana companies must operate in dangerous cash economies.

What the federal government thinks of cannabis matters. Therefore, change is needed as the Trump administration currently lags behind the rest of the nation in its stance on marijuana.So will cannabis ever be federally legal? At the moment it would appear not. Despite campaign promises to leave cannabis rights up to the states, Donald Trump appears to have been talking out of both sides of his mouth once again.President Trump has created a marijuana smear squad to manipulate public opinion and subvert the immense progress made thus far. So who are these propagandists? And why are they trying to bring back the days of just say no and DARE?

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The Team To Bring Down Cannabis

Head of the DEA , DEA tries to keep weed illegal
President Trump has assembled a committee several of the nation’s top agencies to launch a campaign that promotes myths about marijuana (image via

America faces some immense, existential crises at the moment. However, rather than attempting to fix America’s crumbling infrastructure or resolving the growing national debt, the president has found a better use for America’s tax dollars. A committee dedicated to spreading myths about marijuana.

So who are these reefer madness style propagandists? The secretive organization is referred to as the Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee. Buzzfeed reports that Trump’s marijuana smear squad is composed of a team of federal agency leaders.

This axis of evil was amalgamated in secret for the express purpose of getting the public back on board with the prohibition of marijuana. Their mission is as follows according to documents and interviews acquired by Buzzfeed,

“combat public support for marijuana and cast state legalization measures in a negative light” while also “attempting to portray the drug as a national threat,”

To this end, leaders from the DEA and 14 other federal agencies were instructed by the committee to submit data “demonstrating the most significant negative trends” in cannabis use and legalization efforts.

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Why Spread myths about marijuana?

The benefits reaped from legalization have been numerous and evident. Vast sums of tax dollars have empowered multiple states to create better communities… Here and here. Medical research has determined that cannabis is viable for the treatment of many ailments previously thought to have poor prognoses.

So what is the purpose of all this? Without a smoking gun, one can only speculate. However, with a number of high profile, lucrative industries with massive sway in Washington its anyone’s guess. From the DEA to big cotton and paper, the pharmaceutical industry, big alcohol and tobacco, private prisons, and a host of others, there are plenty who think of legalization of cannabis as a zero-sum game.

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Trump’s Trump’s Marijuana Smear Squad is Trying to Put the Toothpaste Back in the Tube

Trump administration against weed
An actual photo of The Trump Administration attempting to reverse marijuana legalization

30 states have legalized medicinal marijuana thus far. Recreational Marijuana is currently legal in only 9 states, but that number is on the rise with New Jersey, New York, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania all edging closer to ending prohibition.

Public opinion is also in favor of broad legalization. Currently, 64% of all American want to see cannabis fully legal. Even a majority of Republicans, for the first time in history, support cannabis legalization. It’s time for the Trump administration to stop trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube. 100 years of slander by politicians and biased government-funded scientists could do nothing to stop the rising tide of medical research and anecdotal experience. The establishment myths about marijuana have been sufficiently disproved. So what makes the president think that this smear campaign will be any different?

Trump’s marijuana smear squad is not only harmful to the public’s interest, it’s also markedly undemocratic. Elected officials are public servants, and it is their responsibility to pursue the public’s best interests. By knowingly spreading myths about marijuana, the Trump administration is undermining the American people’s faith in government, which is already at an all-time low.

Perhaps the Trump administration could take a note from a previous president, who knew a thing or two about taking political defeats in stride.

By: Stefan Hosko
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