Two-Thirds Of Canadians Support Private Retail Of Marijuana

How Many Canadians Support The Private Retail Of Marijuana?

With recreational legalization just around the corner on Oct. 17, one of the hottest topics is the debate between public and private retail of cannabis in Canada.

According to the Canadian Cannabis Business Report last fall, about “65% of all respondents believe licensed growers should be allowed to open their own retail stores to the public once legalized”.

This translates to two-thirds of Canada’s 35 million population.  The report, conducted by Oraclepoll and Colin & Firth, interviewed 5,000 Canadians.

Ontario And New Brunswick Have Their Own Plans

Public Retail
A cannabis consumer making a purchase at a dispensary. (File image)

This comes in sharp contrast with two Canadian provinces Ontario and New Brunswick, criticized for having government-run monopolies over marijuana. However, this has changed for Ontario after reports surfaced on Thursday, saying that Ontario will reverse the government-run monopoly by allowing privatization.

Ontario’s was supposed to be run by the same provincial distributor of liquor, the LCBO. While New Brunswick has set up a crown corporation, and already placed orders with local cannabis producers. Basically, the federal Liberal government is leaving the distribution and regulation issues up to the provincial governments.

Many small businesses and groups representing them had taken shots at the government-run monopoly in Ontario as the province earlier chose not to allow private retail to flourish. But luckily for them now, it is time for privatization under Doug Ford‘s premiership after the recent announcement.

Over Half Of Those Polled Support Recreational Legalization

Of those polled, 57% support the government’s decision to legalize recreational cannabis, and 39% said that they will try cannabis once it becomes legal, and 26% said that they are already consumers.

Considering that the report is estimating that there will be around 11.42 million people consuming the Canadian cannabis market, this is practically going to be another “gold rush,” or “Green Rush” if you will.

Canadians Curious About Marijuana-Infused Edibles

Private Retail
Don’t these marijuana-infused baked goods look absolutely delicious?

Another interesting factor to the survey was that Canadians seem to be curious about the world of marijuana-infused edibles. About 46% of Canadians expressed interest in trying cannabis-infused baked goods like brownies and cookies while another 45% are keen on trying other cannabis-infused foods.