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Ugandan Investment Authority Not Informed About Any Israeli Cannabis Farm Plan

Ugandan Investment Authority Not Informed About Any Israeli Cannabis Farm Plan

Latoya Jackman
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Israeli firm Together Pharma Ltd may have to take a step back from a plan to set up a cannabis farm in Uganda.

Earlier this month, Together Pharma said they have purchased cannabis seeds while they were in the process of setting up a farm in Uganda to meet the demand for their January 2019 sales.

However, both the Ugandan Investment Authority and the Ugandan police rebuffed Pharma Together’s statement, saying they have no knowledge about any cannabis farm being set up by the company.

The investment authority and the police told Uganda’s English-language New Vision daily that they don’t even view growing cannabis positively.

No authorization

The Ugandan Investment Authority Executive Director Basil Ayer, meanwhile, made it clear that this is an area they don’t deal with, adding that it’s also “illegal.”

“That is an area we do not even handle. It is illegal. Probably the health ministry and National Drug Authority [NDA] might know. We do not even license companies to grow marijuana for medical purposes.”

He added that not all land is government-owned, suspecting that maybe the Israeli firm has a leeway in that area.

“Since not all land in Uganda is owned by the government, such a company could also partner with an individual to grow the crop on his or her land.”


The spokesperson of the police Emilian Kayima explained that the police department has not been approached by the Israeli investor nor would they back the business plan.

“There is no way the police can give such approval. We are already having grave problems. It doesn’t matter the purpose of planting it. You cannot guarantee it won’t be misused. We would be doomed if the country chose that direction.”

Together Pharma refused to give a comment.

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