U.S. Activists on a Charm Offensive, Give Elected Officials Edibles, Joints

Marijuana activists have full confidence in what they have to offer, be it a joint or edible. 

That’s exactly what marijuana activists did in Washington, D.C., in what seems to be one ‘hella’ of a charming offensive when they handed out elected officials some friendly cannabis treats.

Medical marijuana in Washington D.C. has been legal for two decades ago, and in November 2014, voters legalized recreational marijuana.

However, marijuana sales remain prohibited.

But the advocates for full legalization are not giving up.

Waiting for D.C. Council members to finish their breakfast on Tuesday, a pot edible maker offered to gift one of the officials a brownie. But they kindly turned her down.

His gesture to strictly abstain from taking any of these cannabis-laced gifts was shared by many other Council members, who tried hard to avoid these advocates.

But not all of the activists, who left whiffs of the green herb’s smell wafting behind in the Council chambers’ hallway, went back home full-handed. Some indeed were left empty-handed after Council members David Gross and Jack Evens accepted their free joints.

Americans are continuing to push through the legalization of marijuana be it – recreational or medicinal – despite incessant attempts by the federal government since early January to tighten its grip on ganja.

Photos via Wamu.org.