U.S. Bill to Allow Marijuana Research for Veterans Introduced

On Monday, a bill has been introduced to allow medical marijuana research for U.S. veterans.

Veterans, who suffer from injuries and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), have long demanded medical marijuana legalized on a federal level for them to treat their conditions without getting into hot water with the law.

Other marijuana advocates have also touted marijuana as a much better natural alternative to alleviate pain than opioid-based drugs, which are highly addictive and can be deadly.

However, veteran groups expressed their frustration after the Veteran Affairs Department refusing to research medical marijuana in January following U.S. Attorney  General’s clampdown on cannabis.

Meanwhile, the bill – VA Medicinal Cannabis Research Act of 2018 – is spearheaded by Rep. Tim Walz of Minnesota.

The Department of Veteran Affairs currently has a new head nominee, the White House physician Ronny Jackson.

Jackson’s stance on marijuana research is still unclear.

But the proposed law so far is more about trimming back the bureaucratic cover that’s been used to duck the issue in the past, according to Task and Purpose news site.