U.S. Daily Releases Old Audio of Trump Saying He won’t Interfere with Cannabis

A Colorado daily has released audio of an interview it had with then GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump in June 2016.

In The Gazette audio, Trump was heard saying: “For legalization, I have been in for of states rights. Let the state work it out.”

A journalist from The Gazette, Eric Singer, said the audio was the newspaper’s exclusive release pertaining to the interview the daily editorial committee had with Trump when he was campaigning to be a U.S. president.

When it comes to marijuana legalization, Colorado is a big symbol.  It was one of the early U.S. states to legalize marijuana as far as 2014.

After U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded an Obama-era rule, thereby taking away from the states’ rights to operate legal marijuana, Colorado Rep. Gov. Cory Gardner accused the former of lying.

Gardner said Sessions promised him before he was appointed as Attorney General in February by Trump that he won’t go after states’ rights on marijuana.

A lot of observers believe without Trump’s green light to Sessions, the latter would not have pursued a full crackdown on states’ right to grown and operate its legal cannabis.

In the audio, Trump can be heard saying: “I have always been a person that says, ‘Let’s see what happens in Colorado.’ Because you’re doing a great test to see what happens, and I like the idea of a state making that decision.”

“I believe if people vote for it, that’s the way it should go. Colorado is an example of that. It’s states’ rights.”

To hear the full audio, click here.