U.S. Cannabis Firm to Help Brazilian University Research CBD for Parkinson’s Patients

The first U.S. publicly traded cannabis company Medical Marijuana, Inc. has agreed on Wednesday to help a Brazilian university research if cannabis can help Parkinson’s patients.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) said it will provide the necessary materials for Lutheran University of Brazil (Ulbra) to see if CBD, the non-psychoactive component of marijuana, has the ability to reduce Parkinson’s tremors and stiffness in the muscles of those suffering from the disease.

The development-stage company, which operates in the cannabis and industrial hemp space in the U.S., will help Ulbra through its subsidiary in Brazil, HempMeds®.

Actor Michael J. Fox, right, walks with TV journalist Jane Pauley, left, as he appears with her Oct. 29, 2017 on “CBS Sunday Morning” to discuss research into Parkinson’s disease. (Photo courtesy of CBS Sunday Morning)

As the world opens up to marijuana’s benefits, more universities and institutes are kick-starting research to explore the green herb’s medicinal value.

Ulbra made the announcement of its intent to research CBD in patients with Parkinson’s disease last week, the Brazilian newspaper GaúchaZH reported.

The research will also be done in partnership with Dr. Kelson James Almeida, neurologist and current technical director of the US-based Integrated Rehabilitation Center (CEIR).