U.S. Marijuana Stores Prepare To Unleash Big Sales for The Super Bowl

U.S. marijuana stores are preparing to unleash their big sales this weekend for the much anticipated American event: The Super Bowl.

Green Bits, which runs sales systems for more than 350 dispensaries in six states, told USA TODAY that marijuana sales went up by 40 percent last year on the Saturday before the big game.

It said this year could rise even higher especially after California, which has a population of almost 40 million, legalized recreational marijuana on Jan. 1.

“The Super Bowl is like any other large social event: people getting together,” Green Bits CEO Ben Curren told USA TODAY. “Whenever there’s a large social event we see an uptick in purchases.”

Manager of the Denver-based GroundSwell cannabis dispensary, Justin Bishoff, said: “You can be social, have a good time and still be a human being and go to work the next day,” in reference to marijuana providing an alternative way to be festive without feeling the brunt of a hangover.

Green Bits said in 2017, the average purchase at a marijuana store rose from $100 to $140 on the day before the game. A lot of it was spent on edibles and cartridges for vape pens.

Of course, other events such as April 20 or 4/20 when marijuana users all meet and consume cannabis in public, the days before Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the day after Thanksgiving, which cannabis retailers dubbed “Green Friday,” also witness major sales.

So far, there are nine U.S. states that have legalized recreational marijuana.

Meanwhile, the former U.S. footballer Ricky Williams has invited people to his private party and flaunting that “he’s got enough weed for the WHOLE PARTY.”