US Secretary of Health Warns Millennials of Synthetic Opioids in Weed

Last month, the Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar told US citizens that there is no such thing as medical marijuana, denying whatever bits and pieces of benefits the green, luscious herb could offer.  

On Thursday, Azar threw another tirade against marijuana, when he sounded the alarm over what could possibly be a lethal mix.

He told a group of millennials that there could potentially be lethal synthetic opioids in weed during a White House event.

Azar made his statement when someone inquired if the White House is sending a message to the youth that prescription drugs are “just as dangerous” as marijuana.

Trump’s administration, especially the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has repeatedly portrayed marijuana as “the big gateway drug.”

Azar escalated his assault when he said marijuana is also a factor in what is currently being dubbed as the opioid crisis.

“These are very sophisticated operators, and they are lacing other illegal drugs with fentanyl to get you hooked on opioids and bring you into their system,” said Azar. “Marijuana laced with fentanyl, all kinds of other products laced with fentanyl.”

Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, is usually 50 times more potent than heroin.

Fentanyl is linked with more than 20,000 overdose deaths in 2016, according to some counts.