The U.S. Wants to Extradite a British “Marijuana Activist” for Selling Weed Seeds

A 57-year-old British citizen is facing an extradition to the US for allegedly distributing cannabis seeds from his UK office, The Guardian reported on Monday.

The British man, who adopted the name Gypsy Nirvana, is described by the US as a “marijuana activist and advocate.” His alleged distribution of cannabis seeds is considered legal, his lawyers argue.

He is facing charges relating to the production, distribution, possession, import, and export of cannabis seeds between 2004 and 2013, as well as allegations over money laundering in the US state of Maine.

The extradition comes after Nirvana escaped from what is alleged to have been a rendition-style deportation to Los Angeles in 2013, The Guardian reported, adding that he will be in the high court in London on Thursday in an attempt to fend off the expulsion.

“I have done nothing wrong. These are seeds from a medicinal plant. I have been a legal seed dealer in the UK since the 1990s,” Nirvana said.

“The seeds do not have any [psychoactive component] THC in them. There’s no drug in the seeds. You can smoke the seeds all day and all you will get is a headache.”

“But cannabis seeds are considered a schedule 1 narcotic in the US, the same as heroin. So if [US President Donald] Trump gets his way they could execute me on the seeds of a medicinal plant.”

Trump tweeted at the weekend that drug dealers should be given the death penalty.

US Vs the UK on marijuana

What is strange is that despite the UK being the biggest producer and exporter of legal cannabis worldwide in 2016, medical cannabis is still illegal in Britain.

However, there are 29 US states that have already legalized medical marijuana, and nine other states in addition to the capital Washington have the use of recreational marijuana as legal for adults, who at least 21 in age.

In Maine, a 2016 ballot initiative gave residents the right to possess marijuana but its Governor Paul LePage vetoed the proposed law.

Now, there is a bill in Maine that will make it easier for people to qualify as medical marijuana patients and it is getting some legislative backing.

Nirvana reiterated the fact that 29 US states have legalized medical marijuana. He also said that he never been to Maine but has purchased seeds from suppliers there.